Witnessing God's Work

September 13, 2016

"Sometimes I wonder WHY.  Why do we do Giving Hope? And God always has a way of reminding me with real life people and stories... I was at my Church's Men's night recently, and I was going to get a coffee when two men walked up to me.  Both look liked they were in there mid forties.  One had a bad eye and the other looked like a construction worker.  The construction worker walked up to me and said, 'You are Troy Duhon?'  I stopped and looked at both of them and replied yes.  He continued to tell me that they had both just graduated from Giving Hope.  I wasn't sure exactly what he meant so I said, 'Please explain.'

  They each went into their own stories about how they had lost everything, including their families.  They both had substance abuse problems that caused their lives to be completed ruined.  They were practically living on the streets with no place to go.  One of the gentlemen started to get emotional as they continued to relay they stories.  They had both just graduated from the Giving Hope Retreat Center's one year program.  They were now sober and wanted to thank me for all the things that we are doing as an organization. The first guy is back with his family, and they have both asked for forgiveness because of all the pain they had caused.  They have been clean for over a year, and they were so thankful to us.  It was a very emotional moment for me.  After hearing their stories I went inside and began to cry.  I was so thankful for all of you that partner with us to help people when nobody wants to help them.

  Every time I think about those men, I realize why we do what we do.   If you ever question why, please take a Hope Day with some of your employees or friends, and participate in an outreach to see how people are being blessed by Giving Hope.  When you see the joy and thankfulness on their faces then it will make it all worth while.  Again, thank you so much for your partnership that allows Giving Hope to do what it does.

  I am always reminded of what my dad told me right before he died.  NOBODY IS GOING TO REMEMBER HOW MANY CARS YOU HAVE SOLD, BUT GOD IS COUNTING EVERY TIME YOU BLESS HIS PEOPLE."