Volunteering and sponsoring events can help entrepreneurial minds visualize the cause at hand as opposed to solely donating to a cause.  We've found that by serving and witnessing the need at hand, a culture shift occurs within a business group that is truly rewarding. Working with Giving Hope can help corporations to experience the great rewards that come with doing selfless work for those in need.

What is a Hope Day?

A Hope Day is an opportunity for your business, religious organization, or civic group to volunteer at one of our outreaches. One example would be through our Food Pantry, where we provide over 700 meals a day to hungry and vulnerable seniors, children, and the homeless. Your employees or group members would meet at The Food Pantry to prepare, deliver, and serve the food. It’s a wonderful way to experience the joy of serving others. 

What is the Schedule?

Hope Days are flexible, but a 10am-3pm schedule allows for a full experience. Typically 10-12 employees participate in a Hope Day together, but different-sized groups are accommodated. Dress is casual--arrive ready to roll up your sleeves and work! And feel free to wear shirts or caps with your corporate logo.


What are the benefits of a Hope Day?

Hope Days help us to recognize the dignity of those around us, by serving the most in need. Hope Day participants benefit by shifting their attention from the day-to-day concerns in their own lives to focusing on the needs of others. We have learned that by giving our time and attention to those in need, we realize a renewed sense of the dignity and value of every person.
Businesses who choose Giving Hope as charity of choice receive the full support of our staff, including: 

  • A member of our team will come to your business to explain the mission of Giving HOPE.
  • ​We will schedule in services on respecting human dignity, and serving others.
  • Assistance with management training on servant leadership.
  • Print and electronic media advertising to help recruit employees!

To become a corporate partner with Giving Hope, or for more information on how your company can benefit from serving others:

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