Hope Against Trafficking

The Heart of Giving Hope is to be a bridge of Hope and Healing for hurting people.  The Giving Hope Retreat Center is a sanctuary for hurting people who are ready to rebuild their lives. We are so blessed to partner with the New Orleans Mission in this life-changing program. Through one of the movies that God led us to fund, Caged No More, we have come to understand that the need to help victims of human trafficking is extensive.

The Women’s Pavilion will provide 100 rooms for battered individuals, victims of Human Trafficking and formerly homeless women to heal from the wounds of life.  We believe the crime of sex slavery is the most heinous crime against an individual.  These women will receive Biblical discipleship, life skills education and vocational training.  Most of all, they will be treated with respect and honor and shown Christ-like love, so they know that they are valued.

The Giving Hope Retreat Center is positioned to help in this critically needed area throughout our region.  The presence of the Lord has created a peaceful atmosphere on this property that enables the guests to heal spiritually, physically and emotionally. We invite you to join us as we walk this journey to expand the facility. By expanding the retreat center facilities, we are better able to meet the need and minister to the women who are hurting and open the door for them to encounter the Love of Christ that changes everything. We believe that God has called Giving Hope to be a beacon of Light and Hope for families throughout our region, as they witness loved ones being restored through God’s Love and Grace!

Hope Against Trafficking Luncheon

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Scared and Alone
There is an incredible lack of space for women in distress in our city. Each night women are left with no options for a safe environment. The “home” from which they came may only provide physical abuse. The life they wake up to is fraught with slavery with no hope of escape. Hope Against Trafficking is gathering community leaders to assist in creating an environment that will foster change in the lives of countless generations.

The Trafficking Victim’s Protection Act federally defines trafficking as “the exploitation of a person through the use of force, fraud, or coercion for the purpose of forced labor or commercial sex.” Here are some facts.

  • Human trafficking is the second largest in the international crime industry (behind illegal drugs). 
  • Minimum profit human trafficking generates is $32 billion annually. 
  • The average woman or girl can be sold over and over again for less than $100 each encounter.
  • 14 is the average age of a trafficked victim in the U.S. 
  • Domestic Violence can take the form of Harassment, Physical Abuse, and Sexual Abuse. 
  • 1 in 4 women will experience domestic violence during her lifetime.

The New Orleans Mission, in partnership with Giving Hope, stands to pull these victims out of a life they were never meant to live and redirect them to a life of purpose and meaning. We will help homeless women begin to hope again, those who felt unworthy to feel valued, and those who was a slave to fear to live out the fullness of who God created them to be.  The number of safe places for these women to run to is limited, but with the new Women’s Pavilion, we will add a much needed resource to our region.

Giving Hope Women’s Pavilion 

This new haven of Hope will provide bed space, training, and the love that thousands of women need each year. They will be safe and free from trafficking and abusive relationships. Hope will be built daily as we provide a source of dignity and purpose. There are very few programs designed specifically to help women in vocational training. Through our culinary program and Lovely Creations Boutique, we provide vision toward a new horizon. These women can rebuild what they feel is the tattered remnants of their self-worth and fulfill God’s purpose for their future.

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