Hope For A Home

"It is not by accident that each of us is here today; but it is for His greater purpose"
– Tracy Duhon

What began as heartache and pain, grew through love and a passion to help others, Hope for a Home was born.  In 2004, Tracy Duhon already a mother of two children, Josh and Abigail, found herself helpless and hurting after giving birth to her second son, Jonathon Joseph, knowing all the while he would not live after being born without kidneys.  Jonathon lived for one hour. Two years later Tracy and Troy gave birth to their third son Joseph Jeremiah, also born without kidneys, Joseph lived for seven hours.  Both boys were born with potter’s syndrome, a very rare disease; it was even rarer that a mother gave birth to two children with the same condition. After having their hearts crushed from the loss of their two sons, the Duhon’s focused on their devotion to God and through this they recognized how precious all of God’s children are. In 2005 the Duhon’s began the process of adopting a baby girl from China.

After seven years of waiting and prayers for understanding in God’s plan, Tracy trusted his timing would be perfect.  While the Duhon’s waited anxiously for word of their little girl in China, God simultaneously surprised them with a beautiful girl, Avah Hope Duhon, in December of 2010. Two years later in October of 2012 the Duhon’s traveled to China to hold their baby girl, Annahstasia Grace Duhon, for the very first time.  Now, with four precious children, the Duhon’s credit the adoption of their daughter as one of the greatest things they have ever done, as they were able to place their trust in God’s hands and through that trust, he delivered.   Now, as the Duhon’s reflect on pictures of Annah in the orphanage they are able to attest to the power of family. After seeing Annah and the other children in the orphanage, having her heart forever changed, Tracy felt the calling to help children all over the world by assisting other families throughout their adoption process, and so Hope for a Home was created! With so many families who feel called to adopt but are unable to do so due to financial constraints, Hope for a Home’s mission is to assist these families through the adoption process financially and as an emotional support system. Love is the most powerful thing anyone of us can give to another. It is life changing Together we can change the world, one child at a time!