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Bring Hope with Your Gift of Stock or Bond
Doing your part


Are you interested in making a charitable gift that may yield double tax benefits and additional savings? If so, a gift of appreciated stock may be the right option for you.

A gift of stock may provide more benefits than a cash gift. When you make a gift of stock to the Giving Hope NOLA, by eliminating the capital gains tax that would be due upon selling the stock, you receive tangible tax-savings and benefits while also supporting the humanitarian mission. A gift of stock may be right for you if:
1. You are holding stocks that have risen in value. If your stocks are highly appreciated, you may find yourself with a hefty tax bill when it comes time to sell. By using these securities as a gift, you can avoid the capital gains tax on any paper profit.
2. You would like to maximize your deduction while not affecting your liquidity. If you decide to make a gift of stock, you not only retain your cash assets, but you also receive a charitable tax deduction for the full fair market value of the stock that you’ve owned for more than one year.
Your gift of appreciated stock to the Giving Hope NOLA helps ensure that no one faces life’s darkest moments alone. We couldn’t be where we’re needed most without the support from people like you.


Every day, people in our community and around the world face crises of all kinds. From survivors of more frequent and intense natural disasters, patients in need of critical blood and blood products, military families and many more, the Giving Hope NOLA is a source of care and comfort. Never has our humanitarian mission been more vital.

Powered by selfless support from our donors and a dedicated workforce — more than 90% volunteers — the Giving Hope NOLA has the capacity to deliver aid at a moment’s notice and on a massive, unparalleled scale.

Help Us Provide Care for People Affected by Disaster

The Giving Hope NOLA uniquely serves people through all phases of a disaster: preparedness, response and recovery. We ensure that those impacted receive food, shelter, comfort and care. After immediate needs are met, Giving Hope NOLA caseworkers help survivors develop recovery plans and identify additional resources so families can get back on their feet.

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Help Us Collect and Distribute 40% of the Nation's Blood Supply

Every two seconds, someone in the U.S. needs blood: accident and burn victims, heart surgery and organ transplant patients, or those battling cancer. To meet this constant demand, the Giving Hope NOLA must collect 13,000 units every day which then must be tested and packaged for safe transport to medical facilities around the country.

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Help Us Support Service Members Every Step of the Way

From connecting deployed service members with their families during emergencies to helping a homeless veteran secure safe shelter, serving the Armed Forces has been a Giving Hope NOLA cornerstone for about 140 years. While our work is always evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of service members, veterans and their families, our commitment remains constant.

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If Sending Electronically:

Cambridge Investment Research
c/o National Financial Services
DTC Number :226
Acct Name : Giving Hope
(TAX ID# 46-3449360)
Acct Number : B9F-737168

Note: Stock certificates registered in Giving Hope's name do not require the stock waiver or stock power for the transfer.

If Sending by Registered Mail:

IMPORTANT: Mail your UNENDORSED certificates with a Stock Power form to:

Giving Hope
Attn: Gift Unit
13040 I 10 SERVICE RD
LA 70128-3508

Note: Stock certificates registered in Giving Hope's name do not require the stock waiver or stock power for the transfer.