Giving Hope is committed to coming to the aid of those in need. Our efforts reach people of all ages, in our communities and around the world. We believe that everyone deserves to live a healthy, happy life, and we work every day through a variety of endeavors to make this a reality for all.

Giving Hope Retreat Center 

Giving Hope is a proud partner of the New Orleans Mission; we continue this relationship with the opening of the Giving HOPE Retreat Center. This partnership will serve the men and women of the New Orleans Mission by providing rescue, recovery and re- engagement into the community for those who have suffered from addiction, trauma, mental illness, and physical or sexual abuse.

The Giving Hope Retreat Center is located on 60 acres of land in Lacombe, LA away from the bustle of the city.  With ten buildings, a swimming pool, basketball courts, and sprawling land it is the ultimate retreat for those looking to start anew.   Future plans also include building a Giving Hope Women’s center to house battered, abused, and trafficked women.  

The Giving Hope Retreat Center will provide a refuge away from the conditions of homelessness as well as help these citizens rebuild their lives through training for various trade programs, GED classes, and Lifestyles courses. .  Throughout attendees recovery period support will be provided to fill their lives with hope, purpose, and direction for a new life. 


Corporate Hope Day

Volunteering and sponsoring events can help entrepreneurial minds visualize the cause at hand as opposed to solely donating to a cause.  We've found that by serving and witnessing the need at hand, a culture shift occurs within a business group that is truly rewarding. Working with Giving Hope can help corporations to experience the great rewards that come with doing selfless work for those in need.

Hope House

Inspired by extreme lack and horrendous situations for abandoned children, Giving Hope's goal is to finance and build an orphanage on every livable continent. Our volunteers travel to often desolate places to help change the lives of young people who have so much to offer, yet so few resources. Through Hope House, volunteers are blessed with the ability to spend time changing these children’s lives through love and hope. The experience and time granted through these mission trips has undeniably been life-changing for all who have attended.

Hope for a Home

A life changing event filled with heartache and grief sparked a desire to help connect children and families to gain love, hope, and joy – this launched Hope for a Home.  After experiencing the loss of their two sons, the Duhon’s focused on their devotion to God, through this they recognized how precious all of God’s children are. 
With their hearts forever changed, the Duhon’s felt the calling to help other children all over the world by assisting other families throughout their adoption process, and so Hope for a Home was created! There are so many families who feel called to adopt but are unable to do so due financial constraints.  Hope for a Home’s mission is to assist these families through the adoption process financially and as an emotional support system. 

Food Pantry of New Orleans

The Food Pantry of New Orleans opened in the fall of 2013, in just under two years over 250k hot meals have been served to seniors and the food insecure around the city of New Orleans. Our operation is a full service Food Pantry and Hot Meal distribution center targeting both children and elderly of New Orleans.